Myrtle Beach Zip Codes: A Clear Guide

myrtle beach zip code

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, is a popular vacation destination and a growing community. However, its popularity and geographical spread across multiple areas can lead to confusion regarding zip codes.

This guide aims to demystify the topic by providing a clear and concise guide to Myrtle Beach zip codes.

Understanding Myrtle Beach Zip Codes

Unlike some cities with a single zip code, Myrtle Beach encompasses seven different zip codes due to its extensive area. 

Knowing your specific zip code is crucial for ensuring accurate mail delivery, accessing certain online services, and finding local information.

Exploring Different Myrtle Beach Zip Codes:

1. 29572: This zip code covers parts of central Myrtle Beach, including areas near the Myrtle Beach International Airport and Myrtle Beach Convention Center.

2. 29575: This zip code encompasses the heart of Myrtle Beach, including the famous beachfront boardwalk, the SkyWheel, and the Family Kingdom amusement park.

3. 29577: This zip code mainly covers residential areas north of Myrtle Beach, including Carolina Forest and Myrtle Ridge.

4. 29578: This zip code primarily covers areas further north of Myrtle Beach, including Socastee and the Ocean Drive section.

5. 29579: This zip code encompasses Little River and the surrounding areas, located north of Myrtle Beach along the Carolina border.

6. 29587: This zip code covers Murrells Inlet, a popular tourist destination south of Myrtle Beach, known for its fishing, seafood, and MarshWalk.

7. 29588: This zip code primarily covers Longs and surrounding areas, located further south of Myrtle Beach.

Importance of Using the Correct Zip Code

Using the incorrect zip code can lead to:

  • Mail delays: Deliveries may take longer to reach their destination.
  • Lost deliveries: In some cases, mail might be returned or even lost.


Understanding and using the correct Myrtle Beach zip code is essential for smooth mail delivery and accessing various resources.

By following the information provided in this guide, you can easily identify your zip code and ensure accurate address information for all your needs.

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