decade day ideas

Decade Day Ideas: From Roaring 20s to 90s Vibes

In this guide, I will share a variety of exciting decade day ideas that will…
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best courses to study

Best Courses to Study in Kenya for a Bright Future

Kenya, a nation on the rise, offers a wide array of opportunities in various industries…
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when to apply for scholarships

A Step-by-Step Guide: When to Apply for Scholarships – Before or After Acceptance?

Scholarships have become an essential part of funding education for many students. With the rising…
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courses offered at kca university

List of Courses Offered at KCA University

KCA University, known for its commitment to academic excellence and innovative teaching methodologies, offers a…
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primary schools in vihiga sub county

List of Public Primary Schools in Vihiga Sub County

Below is a compilation of public primary schools within the Vihiga sub-county…
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medical colleges in kenya

Top Medical Colleges in Kenya: Unlocking Opportunities for Aspiring Doctors

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the top medical colleges in Kenya, shedding light…
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vihiga boys high school

Vihiga Boys High School [38604101]: Beyond the Classroom

Vihiga Boys High School is situated along the picturesque Majengo/Luanda Highway, a mere 4 kilometers…
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courses offered at thika technical training institute

Courses Offered at Thika Technical Training Institute

Below is the list of all courses offered at Thika Technical Training Institute. Engineering courses…
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