Family Bank Paybill: Easy Guide

family bank paybill,

This guide provides detailed information about Family Bank’s Paybill service, allowing you to conveniently manage your finances anytime, anywhere.

Family Bank is a registered public commercial bank in Kenya providing accessible financial services to individuals and businesses. This guide will explain what Family Bank Paybill is, how to use it step-by-step, and the many bills you can pay conveniently with this service.

What is Family Bank Paybill?

A Paybill is a number used by companies and organizations to receive mobile money payments through M-PESA. 

Family Bank’s Paybill number is 222111. By using this Paybill, Family Bank customers can make secure deposits and payments directly from their M-PESA accounts into their Family Bank accounts, 24/7.

The key benefits of paying bills through Family Bank’s Paybill service include:

  • Convenience – Make payments anytime, anywhere using your mobile phone.
  • Efficiency – Payments reflect in your Family Bank account instantly. No need to queue or wait.
  • Security – M-PESA facilitates secure transactions with encryption and transaction PINs.

How to Pay via Family Bank Paybill

Paying bills through Family Bank Paybill is straightforward using your M-PESA menu:

  • Open your M-PESA app on your phone
  • Select “Lipa na M-PESA”
  • Choose “Pay Bill”
  • Input the Family Bank Paybill number: 222111
  • Enter your 12-digit Family Bank account number
  • Input the amount you wish to pay or transfer
  • Confirm the transaction with your M-PESA PIN

And that’s it! The payment will instantly be reflected in your Family Bank account. 

As you can see, paying via Family Bank Paybill saves you time compared to physically depositing cash or checks at a branch.

What Payments Can You Make?

Family Bank Paybill facilitates convenient payments for:

  • Loans and Account Deposits – Pay your Family Bank loans or deposit funds into savings and checking accounts.
  • Utility Bills – Pay your postpaid electricity, water, TV subscription, or internet bills.
  • School Fees – Many schools have adopted Family Bank Paybill for convenient school fee payments.
  • Subscriptions – Make recurring payments for subscriptions like media streaming services.
  • Other Bills – Pay hospital bills, gym memberships, shop purchase installments, and more.

Family Bank Paybill delivers convenient, efficient and secure cashless payments that sync directly with your Family Bank accounts. So you can save time spent in long queues and easily manage due dates for loan repayments or other bills.

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