Why Microsoft is Laying Internet Explorer (IE) to rest?


Internet Explorer will no longer appear on consumer versions of Windows 10 after June 2022 dated Aug.11, 2019.

Internet Explorer

What is Internet Explorer (IE)?

Internet Explorer is a web browser developed on August 16, 1995, by Microsoft for several platform like windows, mac, Linux but mostly used in windows based computer. Internet Explorer known among other web browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox, safari and more.

But what makes Microsoft disable IE?

Microsoft has been making upgrades to Internet Explorer, improving compatibility with the web and security issues. But despite all the efforts made towards IE, it’s still one of the less used browser in the word.

After establishing its reputation, Microsoft shifted its focus away from Internet Explorer and toward other projects, constantly upgrading Windows but not its web browser. Since then, Internet Explorer has always been late to the party when it comes to delivering new features like tabbed browsing and search bars. It sank deeper into worthless and unfashionable.

Considering the success of its Surface tablets, Microsoft has struggled to retain a presence in the smartphone industry, which could explain its aversion to continuing to develop Internet Explorer.

However, Internet Explorer simply lacks the adaptability that web-savvy users require. Even the less tech-savvy people will quit relying on it.

With the release of Windows 11, Internet Explorer has been officially declared dead. When users switch to the new operating system, the out-of-date search engine will be disabled. According to Microsoft, Internet Explorer will be removed in Windows 11 because Microsoft Edge now has an IE Mode capability.

The web browsers is unable to load some websites appropriately. This makes it difficult for developers across the world to continue using Internet Explorer.

From now get to know why IE won’t exist starting from Windows 11.

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