Top 50 Security Companies in Kenya

security companies in Kenya

Kenya is a country located in East Africa, and just like any other country, security is a critical aspect of daily life. There are numerous security companies in Kenya that offer various security services to individuals, businesses, and organizations. In this article, we will be looking at the top 50 security companies in Kenya.

Here are the top 50 security companies in Kenya:

  1. G4S Kenya
  2. KK Security
  3. Brinks Security
  4. Securex Agencies
  5. Wells Fargo Limited
  6. Blackwater Security Services
  7. Ultimate Security Limited
  8. Secure Africa
  9. SGA Security
  10. C3 Africa
  11. Grandscope Security
  12. Argus Security Limited
  13. Razor Security Limited
  14. Fidelity Security Group
  15. Panesar Intersecurity Services
  16. Equity Security Services
  17. Optimum Security
  18. Kenya Kazi Services
  19. STS Kenya Limited
  20. Watchman Group
  21. SGA Loss Control Services
  22. Sentinel Africa Consulting Limited
  23. Elite Guards Limited
  24. Reinforcement Security Services
  25. Securexpress Limited
  26. Icorp Security Services
  27. Avantgarde Secure Solutions
  28. Twiga Security Services
  29. Advance Security Limited
  30. Tower Security
  31. Premier Security
  32. Goldstar Security Services
  33. Sovereign Group
  34. Watchman Plus Security Limited
  35. Sterner Security Services Limited
  36. Kaskazi Security Services
  37. Chagema Security Services
  38. Blacklion Security Services
  39. Secure Mark Solutions Limited
  40. Winley Security Services
  41. Commando Security Services
  42. AAR Security Services
  43. Security Group Africa
  44. Safeguard Security
  45. Haven Shield Security
  46. Safe Pro Solutions Limited
  47. Guardforce Security Services
  48. Vantage Protection Limited
  49. Africa Elite Security Services
  50. Zebra Security Services

Note: This list is not exhaustive and there are many other reputable security companies in Kenya that may not be included. It is recommended that individuals do their own research and choose a security company that best suits their needs.

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