Top 100 Private Secondary Schools in Kenya

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Top 100 Private Secondary Schools in Kenya

When it comes to quality education, private secondary schools in Kenya have set themselves apart. These schools have consistently demonstrated exceptional performance in academics, athletics, and co-curricular activities. In this article, we’ll provide you with a list of top 100 best private secondary schools in Kenya that you can use to make an informed decision.

Here is a list of some of the top best private secondary schools in Kenya:

  1. AIC Moi Girls’ High School, Eldoret
  2. Aga Khan Academy, Mombasa
  3. Aga Khan Academy, Nairobi
  4. Alliance Girls’ High School
  5. Alliance High School
  6. Brookhouse School
  7. Bura Girls’ High School
  8. Buruburu Girls’ Secondary School
  9. Chogoria Girls’ High School
  10. Consolata School
  11. Dagoretti High School
  12. East African School of Aviation
  13. Friends School Kamusinga
  14. Garissa High School
  15. Githunguri Secondary School
  16. Greensteds International School
  17. Hillcrest International School
  18. Ikuu Girls’ High School
  19. International School of Kenya
  20. Kabarak High School
  21. Kagumo High School
  22. Kahuhia Girls’ High School
  23. Kakamega High School
  24. Karima Girls’ High School
  25. Kasarani Secondary School
  26. Kenton College Preparatory School
  27. Kenya High School
  28. Kibera School for Girls
  29. Kiirua Boys’ High School
  30. Kipsigis Girls’ High School
  31. Kirigara Girls’ High School
  32. Kithimani Secondary School
  33. Kitui School
  34. Lenana School
  35. Light Academy
  36. Loreto High School, Limuru
  37. Loreto High School, Matunda
  38. Machakos Girls’ High School
  39. Makini School
  40. Maranda High School
  41. Maryhill Girls’ High School
  42. Maseno School
  43. Meru School
  44. Mombasa Academy
  45. Molo Academy
  46. Moi Girls’ High School, Nairobi
  47. Moi Girls’ Isinya
  48. Moi High School Kabarak
  49. Moi Tea Girls’ Secondary School
  50. Mugoiri Girls’ High School
  51. Muhoho High School
  52. Muranga High School
  53. Nakuru Girls’ High School
  54. Nairobi School
  55. Nanyuki High School
  56. Ngara Girls’ High School
  57. Nyeri High School
  58. Pangani Girls’ High School
  59. Peponi School
  60. Precious Blood Riruta
  61. Precious Blood, Kilungu
  62. Ribe Boys’ High School
  63. Riokindo Boys’ High School
  64. Riruta Satellite School
  65. Rusinga School
  66. Sacho High School
  67. St. Andrew’s School, Turi
  68. St. Anne’s Girls’ Secondary School, Lioki
  69. St. Austin’s Academy
  70. St. Brigid’s Girls’ High School
  71. St. Francis Girls’ High School, Mang’u
  72. St. Joseph’s Boys’ High School, Kitale
  73. St. Joseph’s Girls’ High School, Kitale
  74. St. Mary’s School, Nairobi
  75. St. Mary’s School, Yala
  76. St. Mary’s School, Igoji
  77. St. Michael’s School, Nairobi
  78. St. Patrick’s High School, Iten
  79. St. Theresa’s Tartar Girls’ High School
  80. Sunshine Secondary School
  81. Thika High School
  82. Tigoi Girls’ High School
  83. Tumutumu Girls’ High School
  84. Turkana Girls’ High School
  85. Utumishi Academy
  86. Vihiga High School
  87. West Nairobi School
  88. Woodland Star School
  89. Wundanyi High School
  90. Yumbisye Secondary School
  91. Zawadi Academy
  92. Kanga High School
  93. Marist International University College
  94. Memon Academy
  95. Nairobi International School
  96. Oshwal Academy, Nairobi
  97. Pioneer School
  98. Rosslyn Academy
  99. Shree Cutchi Leva Patel Samaj School
  100. St. Clare Girls’ Secondary School


In conclusion, these are just a few of the many private secondary schools in Kenya. With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to make a decision about which school to attend. When choosing a private secondary school, it is important to consider your individual needs and priorities, and to visit the schools in person to get a sense of the culture and community. Whether you are looking for academic excellence, a strong focus on personal development, or a welcoming and inclusive community, there is sure to be a private secondary school in Kenya that is right for you.

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