Virtual Meeting Platforms [Benefits And Features]

What Are Online (Virtual) Meeting Platforms?

Online (virtual) meeting platforms are internet based software applications that are designed to make conferences, presentations, lectures or other information sharing activities possible without the need of being in the same room. 

While this technology was originally used by companies to make training sessions more effective, it has become an option for any user who needs to get together with other people online. Modern virtual meeting platforms support collaborative workspaces, chat, audio and video conferencing, webcams, file sharing, applications, central calendars and many more.

The platform allows everyone in the meeting to interact through video conferencing and audio conferencing with ease.

An example of a virtual online meeting platform is Zoom. You can use the platform to attend and host meetings.

Virtual meeting


List of Benefits Of Online (Virtual) Meetings

Virtual meeting platforms are now being widely used by people around the globe. This is mainly because of several reasons.

The following are major benefits of online meeting platforms:

  • Ease of use and time saving – It is very easy to set up a virtual meeting if you have a good meeting platform.
  • A good virtual meeting foundation increases the efficiency of all attendees that are using it. If you have already joined a virtual group, and you want to know why team collaboration tools should be in your toolkit, here is a look at some of the benefits they come with:
  • Virtual meeting platforms are of the new rage in workplace communication. The usefulness of virtual platforms cannot be denied. They offer such benefits as time saving, convenience and uniformity. All these platforms allow for free communication within a company with employees from all over the world and it only takes a mouse click to connect them. This is especially useful while projects are being executed with different locations involved.
  • Virtual meeting platforms are a great tool for increasing productivity. Employees recognize virtual platforms as an efficient means of eliminating travel time. Reducing travel time means reducing overhead costs, which translates to cost savings for the company. Another benefit is that virtual platform meetings can be scheduled at any time and they provide flexibility between those involved in the meeting. Also, because of the collaborative capabilities of virtual meeting platforms, remote employees can be brought into the meetings, which contributes to their overall development and feel connected to the team.
  • Virtual meeting platforms allow employees to work from anywhere. These virtual meetings can offer a range of benefits for organizations in the form of increased productivity, collaboration, saving costs and more.
  • Cost-effectiveness: virtual meeting platforms are a cheaper and reliable way to host professional meetings without physically being in the same room. Having a virtual meeting platform is also a great way to make face-to-face interactions more accessible to a wider variety of business users and remotely situated individuals.
  • Business: Virtual meeting platforms are very common, and many companies use them daily for business. A virtual meeting platform will join you with other employees or clients in a virtual meeting through a phone or desktop computer. You may have used one before to meet with your department regularly.


Features Of Online (Virtual) Meetings

  1. Both audio and video meeting facilities available.
  2. The software is compatible with all operating systems.
  3. Ability to record, save, and edit meeting files when necessary.
  4. Ability to share documents, images, presentations, notes, or any other types of files in real-time through your own personal storage space on our website that is separate from the one that we use for live meetings! This helps keep all your data more secure and protects it from tampering by other users on the platform.
  5. Ability to mark your favorite webinar, video, or presentation files to make it easy to find them later.
  6. Ability to talk to multiple users at once.
  7. Ability to make notes during each meeting you’re in so that you have an easy reference for yourself or others who are involved in that meeting.
  8. Responsive and compatible with all devices. You can choose whether to use a smartphone, tablet or desktop to attend all your meetings.
  9. You have the option to have both an unlimited number of live users and/or attendees as well as recording users and/or attendees.
  10. Users can easily share individual documents or presentations with specific users in any meeting without having to leave the program interface itself to do it.


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