How To Write an Abstract For a Research Proposal

how to write an abstract for research proposal


The abstract is a summary of research proposal. It should be concise, and it should be written in an easy-to-read format. The abstract provides a quick overview of the study’s objectives, methods, and results. You can use it to convince reviewers that you have the knowledge and background necessary to carry out the research proposed in your proposal.

Define the Research Problem

In the introduction, you should clearly state the research problem. The problem statement should be short, but also include enough detail so that other researchers can understand it. Use examples from previous studies or real-life situations where this question has already been addressed.

The purpose of a research proposal is to explain why your research is important and how it will contribute to knowledge in your field of study.

Describe the Methods to be Used

An abstract is the first sentence of your research proposal. It should be brief, but it should also include enough information to make readers understand what you are proposing to do and why they would want to do it too.

You need to describe the methods used in your study. Be specific! Include a description of:

● The proposed research design, including its population, intervention, comparison groups (if applicable) and/or control conditions.

● The data collection procedures that will be used during this project period.

Provide an Overview of the Results or Expected Results

To make your abstract meaningful, you must summarize the results or expected results of your study.

Summarizing what you found is straightforward: give a summary of what you found and how this compares to other studies in this area. For example, if there is no existing literature on a particular topic, then include a brief statement of what you have learned about it so far. You can also include any additional details about why this project was important for understanding that topic or subject matter e.g., “This project will help us understand how people perceive objects differently depending on their color”.

If other people could benefit from knowing about your findings, then include a brief statement describing how others might gain value from them too e.g., “This study may lead us toward new ways of designing better user interfaces based on human perception research”.

Example I


The purpose of this study was to determine how students in a university setting perceive their knowledge and ability to perform research. The main method used in this study was a questionnaire survey. The questionnaire consisted of twenty-five questions that were divided into two parts. Part one asked students to state their level of confidence in their ability to perform research, identify barriers to performing research, and provide information about their current academic status, including the major field of study, the field of interest, and the highest level completed thus far. 

Part two consisted of twelve questions about their current research interests and abilities related to conducting an independent research project. To gain a better insight into students’ perceptions regarding their ability to conduct an independent research project, descriptive statistics were calculated on each respective question using SPSS 17 software package. 

Based on the results obtained from this study, it has been found that most students believe that they have some knowledge regarding conducting independent research projects but do not feel comfortable taking on such tasks as they do not feel confident enough or understand enough about the topic matter involved in such projects.


There are many ways to write an abstract, but the key is to make sure it’s concise and concisely communicates your findings. The best way to do this is by writing a draft before you start writing your proposal. This will help you find holes in your research as well as opportunities for improvement.

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