Best Colleges and Universities Offering Aeronautical Engineering Courses in Kenya

Aeronautical engineering

Best Colleges and Universities Offering Aeronautical engineering courses in Kenya

Aeronautical engineering is the branch of engineering that deals with the development of aircraft and spacecraft. It is a challenging field that includes the practical application of science and technology, as well as mathematical analysis. Aeronautical engineers are employed by aerospace companies, governments, research institutions and universities.

Below are universities and colleges offering Aeronautical engineering courses in Kenya;

  1. Africa College Of Aviation And Management
  2. Airborne Aviation Institute
  3. Aviation College Of Kenya
  4. Catholic University Of Eastern Africa
  5. East Africa School Of Aviation
  6. Egerton University
  7. Eldoret Aviation College
  8. Institute Of Aeroscope And Mechanical Engineering
  9. Kenya Aeronautical College
  10. Kenya Armed Forces Technical College
  11. Kenya Polytechnic University College
  12. Kenyatta University
  13. Kisumu Aviation College
  14. Mombasa Aviation Training Institute
  15. Nairobi Aviation College
  16. Prowdair Aviation College
  17. Regional Aviation Training Institute
  18. Skylink Flying School
  19. Skytech Aviation College International
  20. Technical University Of Kenya

The above colleges and universities have branches in different parts of the countries.


As a student, you may demand the importance of studying an aeronautical engineering course because it deals with different fields that are critical for the development of our country. Students must have knowledge about aeronautical engineering courses because it will help them develop the practical skills for the best job opportunities.

Please if you know other institutes offering Aeronautical courses comment below.

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