Best 15 Web Hosting Companies In Kenya

best web hosting in kenya

What Are the Best Web Hosting Companies in Kenya?

Web hosting in Kenya

The best web hosting companies are those with the most features and the fastest server speeds. Below you’ll find a brief analysis of my best 15 picks that offer all of these things and more. These providers have proven to be reliable not only in terms of service but also in customer support (both on their forums and through online chat). The best web hosting companies are those who have been around for a while, who is well-known among website owners, and who provide excellent value for your money.


List of best hosting companies in Kenya

The following is a list of the best web hosting companies in Kenya:

    1. Safaricom Limited


    1. Truehost


    1. HostPinnacle 


    1. Sasahost Limited


    1. Kenoobi Data


    1. Deep Africa Co Ltd


    1. EAC directory


    1. Webhost Kenya Ltd


    1. Bitsimba Telecommunications Ltd


    1. Mambo Microsystems Limited


    1. Host Masters


    1. Peak and Dale


    1. Web Host Kings


    1. Kenya Web Experts


    1. Webscreations Design


1. Safaricom Limited

Safaricom limited is Kenya’s biggest telecommunications company. Safaricom offers both domain name registration and web hosting both for small, medium and large businesses.

The company has the following plans for web hosting:

Proposition50 MB Disk Space, 5 Email Accounts, 3 Sub Domains, 2 FTP Accounts.500 MB Disk Space, 10 Email Accounts, 5 Sub Domains, 2 FTP Accounts.2 GB Disk Space, 50 Emails Accounts, 50 Sub Domains 5 FTP Accounts,10 GB Disk Space, 100 Email Accounts, 100 Sub Domains, 20 FTP Accounts20 GB Disk Space, 200 Email Accounts, 200 Sub Domains, 30 FTP Accounts
Annual Charges LOCAL DOMAINS .KE ONLYKSHs.1,300KSHs.2,800KSHs.3,800KSHs.5,300KSHs.6,300
Annual Charges INTERNATIONAL DOMAINS .COM, ORGKSHs.999KShs.2,499KSHs.3,499KSHs.4,999KSHs.5,999


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2. Truehost

The platform is intended for secure and fast SSD web hosting at low costs in Kenya for small, medium, and big websites.

For your Websites, Online Stores, and Emails, choose between Cpanel, Plesk, or Tpanel (LiteSpeed) web hosting.

Free SSL Certificates, Site builders, and CMS are included with all web hosting plans.

The company has the following web host plans:

PlanSilver hostingGold hostingUnlimited hosting
PriceKshs. 1,499 per yearKshs. 3,499 per yearKshs. 14,499 per year


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3. HostPinnacle 

Hostipinnacle is one of the fastest-growing ICT providers in Kenya and East Africa. The company provides the fastest and secure web hosting services to its clients.


The company provides the following web host plans:


PlanStarter PackageStandard PackageExecutive packageSuper Save Package
PriceKShs. 1,999 per YearKShs. 3,999 per YearKShs. 10,999 per YearKShs. 5000 per Year

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4. Sasahost Limited

Sasahost Limited is a leading provider of secure and professional web solutions, including website and email hosting, domain name services, web and mobile development, web security, and SSL. The Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) has granted the company a license, and the KeNIC Registry has accredited it.

The company has the following web hosting plans:

  1. cPanel Basic Hosting
  2. DirectAdmin Basic Hosting
  3. Business/Organization Hosting
  4. Managed VPS Hosting
  5. Managed Dedicated Hosting


  1. cPanel Basic Hosting IV
PlancPanel Basic Hosting IcPanel Basic Hosting IIcPanel Basic Hosting IIIcPanel Basic Hosting IV
PriceKSh. 3,000 per yearKSh. 4,000 per yearKSh. 6,000 per yearKSh. 11,000 per year
  1. DirectAdmin Basic Hosting
PlanDirectAdmin Basic Hosting IDirectAdmin Basic Hosting IIDirectAdmin Basic Hosting IIIDirectAdmin Basic Hosting IV
PriceKSh 2,500 per yearKSh 3,500 per yearKSh 5,500 per yearKSh 10,500 per year

 Business/Organization Hosting

PlanBusiness/Organization Hosting IBusiness/Organization Hosting IIBusiness/Organization Hosting IIIBusiness/Organization Hosting IV
PriceKSh 6,500 per yearKSh 9,500 per yearKSh 12,500 per yearKSh 18,500 per year

 Managed VPS Hosting

PlanPremium VPS IPremium VPS IIPremium VPS IIIPremium VPS IV
PriceKSh 6,500 monthlyKSh 7,500 monthlyKSh 10,000 monthlyKSh 12,500 monthly
  1. Managed Dedicated Hosting
PlanManaged Dedicated IManaged Dedicated IIManaged Dedicated IIIManaged Dedicated IV
PriceKSh 22,500 monthlyKSh 29,500 monthlyKSh 35,000 monthlyKSh 47,000 monthly


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5. Kenoobi Data

Kenoobi Data companyprovides services such as web hosting, domain registration, email hosting, and site security audits. Its mission is to change Africa future information by providing most secure and creative data solutions.

The company offers the following web hosting plans:

Priceksh.1,999 per yearksh.3,499 per yearksh.4,999 per yearksh.9,999 per year

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6. Deep Africa Co Ltd

Deep Africa Company limited offers web hosting, domain name registration and web design services with over 15 years of experience. Deep Africa Co Ltd has enough of storage space and a 100% uptime guarantee.

The company has the following web hosting plans:

PlanKwanza v3.0

Crafted with care and simplicity to start you off

Kwanza Plus v3.0

Designed for Reliable Email Delivery


Pili v4.0

Built For Growth – For Growing Businesses


PriceKsh. 3,364KSh. 6,910KSh. 11,484

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7. EAC directory

EAC directory is a well-known web hosting provider in Kenya, with a high degree of client confidence. They cover a wide range of topics, including everything from operations to data management. They are recognized for providing 100 percent genuine high-quality services. EAC directory offers web hosting, domain name registration, website design services and more.

The company has the following web hosting plans:

PlanCorporate Linux Shared HostingSME Linux Shared HostingVirtual Private Servers (VPS)Dedicated Servers
PriceStarting at Ksh 3,499 per yearStarting at only Ksh. 700 per yearStarting at only


Ksh. 11,600 per month

Starting at only


Ksh. 28,999 per month

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8. Webhost Kenya Ltd

The company has a lot of experience in the web hosting market, and they offer both direct consumers and resellers secure and competent services. They also provide domain name services in addition to web hosting.

The company offers both Shared website hosting and VPS Hosting Services.

PriceKsh. 4,095 /HYKsh. 5,800 /HYKsh. 2,900 /HYKsh. 2,100 /Y

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9. Bitsimba Telecommunications Ltd

Bitsimba Telecommunications Ltd provides greatest services and features for hosting options.

It also provides a free shared SSL certificate, as well as total data protection, improved data storage space, high-speed connectivity, and more.

The company provides the following web hosting plans:

PriceKsh. 1,500 per yearKsh. 5,000  per yearKsh.10,000 per year3,500 per year

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10. Mambo Microsystems Limited

Mambo Microsystems Ltd is one of Kenya’s top-rated web hosting companies, offering a wide range of web services. Shared, reseller, dedicated, VPS, and cloud hosting, as well as site design, SSL certificates, and bespoke application development. The company supports a variety of programming languages, including PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails, and Perl. WordPress, Joomla, Moodle, Drupal, Concrete 5, Magento Commerce, and PHP Nuke.

The company offers the following plans for web hosting:

PriceKsh. 3,000 per yearKsh. 3,000 per yearKsh. 13,900 per year

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11. Host Masters

Host Masters is a web design firm that specializes in custom website design, website consultation, and secure web hosting.

The company offers the following web hosting plans:

PriceKshs.2,500 per yearKshs. 4,500 per yearKshs. 5,500 per yearKshs. 12,500 per year

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12. Peak and Dale

Peak and Dale offer great web hosting that is fast, reliable and secure on both windows and Linux. They offer free website set up and a 99% uptime guarantee.

PlanLinux HostingWindows HostingReseller Hosting
PriceKshs .3,800 per yearKShs .10,000 Per YearKShs. 3,000 per year

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13. Web Host Kings

Web Host Kings offers secure, dependable, and cost-effective web hosting services to match your demands, ranging from basic email to corporate and more complex servers requiring cloud technologies. The company support all types of hosting.

Their objective is to assist your business by allowing you to focus on your main business while they handle your internet demands.

The company has got the following web hosting plans:

PlanStarter web hostingStandard web hostingDeluxe web hostingEnterprise web hosting
PriceKshs. 2,000 per yearKshs. 3,000 per yearKshs. 8,000 per yearKshs. 24, 000 per year

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14. Kenya Web Experts

Kenya Website Experts Ltd is the top website hosting company in Kenya, providing affordable web hosting, domain registration, domain names, email hosting, G Suite Emails for work, windows web hosting, vps servers, dedicated servers, website builder, and reseller web hosting.

Also the company provides shared website hosting, email hosting, cloud hosting, and SSL certificates that are ultra-fast, reliable, economical, and safe.

The company offers the following web hosting plans:

PriceKshs. 2,100 per yearKshs. 7,100 per yearKshs. 10,000 per year14,100 per year

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15. Webscreations Design

Webscreations Design provides fast and affordable web hosting in Kenya, as well as affordable email hosting, reseller hosting, shared web hosting, and cloud hosting.

They have got 24 hours customer support either through live chat, phone or customer desk.

Their web hosting plans include:

PriceKsh.2,000 per year


Ksh. 4,000 per year


Ksh. 7000 per year


Ksh. 14000 per year

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