7 Tips on How to Pass KCSE Exam

How to Pass KCSE Exam

The stress caused by the KCSE examinations is almost unbearable. It takes a toll on you and your family, and the pressure you feel makes it impossible to perform well and pass. The results of your school examination determine which high school you can go to after all, so naturally, it is a very important task to get over with successfully.

Is KCSE easy?

This is a question I often hear when candidates are sitting their exams or talking about preparing for final exams. If you prepare well by revising, taking notes, consulting your teachers and participating in group discussions KCSE is easy to pass, since all questions set are what you have been taught throughout the previous years.

Is KCSE difficult?

KCSE are just exams like other exams you have done in your school previously. The questions that are set are what you have learned and taught by your teachers. So there is no reason of saying KCSE is difficult.
How can I pass KCSE Subjects?
To pass KCSE subjects mean you must be studying for your subjects well and doing thorough revision. Each subject contains questions from your books that you have been revising throughout the years of study.

Tips to Pass KCSE Exam as a Candidate

Examinations are a part of your academic life and they come in various forms – short answer, written, oral or practical.
In this article we are going to discuss the tips on how to pass KCSE exams;

1. Have a dream and start working towards it.
Every successfully being in life must have a dream whether is good or bad. This motivates you each day to work towards it. Having a good dream as a student or candidate for example becoming an engineer, neurosurgeon or even a business person can help you start working hard to achieve a good grade.

2. Thorough revision.
KCSE exam carries questions starting from form one to form four. This means you need to plan on how to revise for each subject, make summary notes and read them.

3. Consult your teachers for assistance.
Teachers are there because of you, without students there can’t be teachers. You need to take every opportunity to consult your teacher for every difficulty you get in your studies. Teachers are ready to assist you to pass your exams.

4. Join Group Discussion
Groups are essential when it comes to discussions and presenting opinions. By joining or forming a group of at least five students you may carry out academic discussions, do perform group discussions, and share your opinions together. This will enable you to gain knowledge and skills that you had no idea about. Remember teamwork wins.

5. Take Class and Summary Notes. To pass your exams you need to take notes on each subject. Taking down notes will help you to remember what you have learned in class easily. Summary notes on other hand mean writing down main points, this can give you a great time when revising since you won’t need to read all your notes in order to grasp or understand.

6. Review KCSE past papers and marking schemes
By going through past papers and marking schemes you will be in a position to know what is required when answering questions. For example, there are some questions that require definitions of terms, listing and some you have to explain. By going through previous years’ past papers you will know how different questions should be answered and also how marks are awarded to every question.

7. Add an extra effort
Put in extra effort as a student. If your teacher does not give you homework or an assignment. You need to look for one; get questions, try to answer them correctly, write a composition or an essay and take it to your teacher for marking. This will enhance your preparedness for your exams.
All the above tips will guide you as a candidate to excel in your national examination (KCSE).

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