20 Benefits of Audio Books for Both Adults and Children

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20 Benefits of Audio Books for Both Adults and Children

Have you ever wondered if it is possible and convenient to listen to audio books instead of reading a book? Is it possible to save time and still enjoy a good book? There are many advantages that are associated with listening to audiobooks.

Table of Contents

  1. What are audio books?
  2. Who listens to audio books?
  3. When do people listen to audio books?
  4. How do people listen to audio books?
  5. 20 Benefits of Audio Books For Both Adults and Children.

What are audio books?

Audio books are simply audio recordings of a book. Audio books have been around since 1932 when they were first made for blind people to listen to during their daily routines. In 1933, publishers began releasing recordings of public domain texts in order to increase sales and interest in the stories, but it wasn’t until 1958 that people began to listen to these popular new “books”. But now we know what audio books are and how they work using many methods, and today there is no limit on what device or platform you can use this resource on.

Who listens to audio books?

Audio books are used by many people for many purposes. Some people listen to them while they drive or bike to work on a regular basis or for entertainment, and some may even use them to help with speech therapy or learning a new language.

Others may use them as an educational tool, like students who wish to read their classic novels in Audio format rather than on the page. This is a great way to enjoy a classic book, but it can be even more fun when you get to listen to it with the help of some “sidekicks”, like your friends or family.

When do people listen to audio books?

Whenever they choose! This resource is so easy and convenient that there really is no limit on when you will use them. The quickest answer would be in the car, as many people have found that using wireless in the car can lead to all kinds of distractions. But if you think about it, audio books are a great tool for learning new things too.

If you are trying to learn a new language, it may be easier just to listen than do the hard work of trying to remember all those new words. You can listen in the car or on a plane and still have time for work or schoolwork. It really is up to you.

How do people listen to audio books?

There are many great resources available today for audio books like Audible that you can use to listen on your phone, tablet, MP3 player and even PC. There is nothing like listening to an audio book on your way back from lunch break at work while driving, but many people also use their device at home while cooking dinner or doing chores around the house during the day.

20 Benefits of Audio Books For Both Adults and Children

  1. They are easy to listen to on your commute.
  2. You can make time for yourself that is set aside just for listening and relaxing
  3. It helps you fall asleep more quickly and sleep better
  4. There is never any judging of how fast or slow you’re reading, which helps the process be less stressful
  5. It trains your brain to focus on one thing at a time when listening, which may help prevent mental disorders such as ADHD or autism among other things
  6. Listening to books while taking care of children can actually help them pay attention
  7. When listening to an audio book while walking or doing another physical exercise, you burn the calories of a medium-sized apple
  8. It is more convenient than lugging around heavy books and can easily be done while traveling
  9. It is much easier to navigate through many scenes when reading an audio book, as opposed to flipping back and forth in a paper book
  10. They allow you to experience new things, such as reading about foreign cultures, without actually being there
  11. You can listen to them on your personal devices whenever you want: in the car/on a train; during your lunch break; at home or work; etc
  12. You can listen to them when you are doing other activities (ex. gardening, working out)
  13. You can re-listen/rewind/resume an audio book in case you missed something
  14. Audio books do not have any “spoilers” or plot-revealers, making the reading experience more mysterious and exciting
  15. Audio books are great if you want to save space in your house by reducing the number of paper books you own
  16. Also good if you do not have the time or space for a personal library; they also offer more choices than physical libraries
  17. It is a cheap and easy way to broaden your reading choices
  18. It does not matter whether you finish the book on time or not; it is much more important that you actually read the books, regardless of how long it takes
  19. You may learn something new about human nature or society from listening to audio books
  20. Audio books are one of the easiest and most efficient ways in which writers can promote their books, so many authors offer free audio-books as a “giveaway” with their purchase, which increases sales for those who are interested.

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