10 Best Online Learning Platforms in Kenya

best online learning platforms in kenya

10 Best Online Learning Platforms in Kenya

Online learning has become the new way of life replacing face-to-face teaching in most institutions.

The present is an excellent time with online training being provided by the leading universities and institutions of higher learning worldwide.

When it comes to online learning, platforms are abundant where learners can start their journey. It might be hard to find the best online learning platforms suited for your needs. So right here is our list of the 10 best online learning platforms you can use to learn anything you want in Kenya.

List of 10 best online learning platforms in Kenya

  1. Skillshare
  2. Mindvalley
  3. Brilliant.org
  4. LinkedIn Learning (Ex Lynda)
  5. MasterClass
  6. Udemy
  7. Edx.org
  8. Udacity      
  9. Coursera
  10. Futurelearn
  1. Skillshare

Skillshare is virtual learning software that allows users to connect and improve their required skills. It enables interested learners to access virtual classes offered by industry developers, and experts.

The course length depends on your study need


  • Access to free classes.
  • Catalog of Premium Classes
  • Creating Channels
  • Shared Learning Opportunity
  • Support Publishing Classes for Learning
  • Classes in a Group
  • Increasing Class Teachers’ Compensation
  • Promotes peer networking
  • Premium Students benefits from Offline Viewing
  • High-Quality Learning Resources
  1. Mindvalley

Mindvalley is a globally popular online learning platform. It offers an array of different courses taught by leading experts from several different fields.


  • Quality continuity
  • Usability is excellent.
  • Extremely well-structured syllabi
  • Active learner community
  • Offline access to materials is available.
  • App for smartphones that works
  1. Brilliant.org

Brilliant.org is primarily concerned with teaching mathematical and scientific concepts to a diverse range of audiences of varying ages and levels of expertise.


  • Excellent user experience
  • Free trial of courses is available
  • Learning encouraging community
  • A learning experience that is interactive
  • Suitable for people of varying skill levels
  1. LinkedIn Learning (Ex Lynda)

LinkedIn Learning is an online platform that offers public courses, technical training, and certifications. Through the platform, you can learn how to learn or advance your career or industry. The self-paced video lessons are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also watch these lessons on your device from any place.


  • Access to free courses
  • Interactive Content
  • Advanced Analytics
  • High-quality content
  1. MasterClass

Masterclass is a revolutionary online learning platform. Masterclasses are led by the world’s best instructors in their fields – from the film, photography, and design, to culinary arts, sports, and music. Each Masterclass is self-contained, hones skills for beginners and advanced learners and all you need is an internet connection to take them.


  • Stream whenever, wherever, and at your own pace.
  • An immersive interactive learning environment
  • Learn from 100+ of the world’s best instructors in a variety of categories.
  • Affordable with annual membership
  1. Udemy

Udemy is an online learning platform that helps self-motivated people to achieve their goals. Udemy makes it easy to create a personal and professional tech/studies learning experience by hosting a very diverse library of over 15000 courses taught by expert instructors in technology and other fields.


  • Affordable
  • Access to free courses. Udemy provides nearly 600 free courses on a variety of topics.
  • Refund Policy: 30 Days. If you are dissatisfied with the course, Udemy will refund your money with no questions asked.
  • Lifetime Access Udemy will give you lifetime access to every course you’ve purchased.
  • A diverse range of courses. Offering over 183K+ items across 13 categories and dozens of sub-categories. You will truly be spoiled for choice.
  • Completion Certificate. Although the courses are not officially accredited, you will be given a certificate of completion if you complete the paid courses.
  1. Edx.org

Edx.org is an online learning platform that was established in partnership between Harvard and MIT and is supported by a consortium of institutions such as the University of California, Berkeley, Johns Hopkins University, Wellesley College, and many more. EdX offers online courses in various subjects such as arts, science, engineering, and humanities among others. Their mission is to connect people from all over the world with educators from world-class universities thereby offering free and high-quality education anywhere at any time.


  • Free access to courses
  • Interactive and adaptable
  • Effective Tools and Integrations
  • Innovative
  1. Udacity      

Udacity’s online learning platform offers online tech courses to help people gain skills that are valuable in the workplace. It is one of the top online education platforms for building technical expertise.


  • Well-built user interface.
  • Nanodegrees contain expert interviews.
  • Strong mentor support.
  • High-quality graded student projects.
  • Active student discussion forums.
  • Best-in-class career supporting resources.
  1. Coursera

Coursera is an online learning platform that allows you to take courses in subjects such as business, computer programming, data science and many other subjects.

Coursera’s online learning platform has is that you can take the classes on your schedule, not just when they are held. You don’t need to travel to class or even leave your house. The classes and lessons are taught by experts in the industry or field and come with recordings of the class so that you can go back and review content as often as you like.

People who are already working can learn new skills that make them more marketable in the workplace.

  1. Futurelearn

Futurelearn is an online learning platform that offers a great deal of high-quality educational content in a wide range of subjects. The platform offers three levels of courses to learners namely: Free, Upgrade and Unlimited level.


  • The platform has over 12 million learners from all over the world, allowing it to reach a global audience.
  • Recruit new students for programs.
  • Disseminating research findings.
  • Bringing together on-campus students and students from all over the world.
  • Developing new academic paths for students and generating interest in subject areas.


With online learning platforms, users can harness the power of technology not just to enhance their learning, but to become one with it.

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